Get Involved

Our community deserves a gathering place that is filled with laughter, learning, and liveliness. JOY, Inc. is dedicated to accomplishing that goal and welcomes the participation and support from all who share our vision.

Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Come to the JOY Center. The best way to see what we are about is to experience it. Join us for part or all of one of our Wednesday programs.
  • Spread the word. Let your friends and network know about the JOY mission and the JOY Center. We are still getting established, and the word of mouth is especially important in becoming known throughout the area.
  • Make a donation. Your support can make a big difference in our growing operations. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit registered with the state of Florida to accept donations, the JOY Center accepts contributions in person or mailed to  Currently we are accepting contributions in person at the JOY Center or mailed to Just Older Youth, Inc, PO Box 1735, Tavernier, FL, 33070. 
  • Volunteer to lead a programIt’s very likely that something from your life experience, career, or hobbies would make an interesting future program at the JOY Center. Contact us to discuss what you want to share with your community.
  • Lend us your skills and expertise. JOY is a grassroots effort, so any special expertise that you can contribute to further our growth could be valuable. If you have experience in nonprofit management areas such as fundraising, community development, or marketing; are a professional photographer or videographer; are involved in legal, financial, or strategic planning; or have other potentially relevant skills and knowledge, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch!

With your involvement, we can build the community a center that will grow with us and help us continue to grow!